The schematics for the NRF24L01+ breakout boards are not the most interesting. It’s a standard SPI with an interrupt pin and two enable pin’s this time. I am using two different footprints that will support 4 different break out boards available. The classic have a range of 100 meters, while the more advanced claim a range of 1.2 km. But, keep in mind that these ranges are outdoors with no obstacles. Indoor going through walls the range will be much Shorter.

Other 2.4Ghz Technologies like Zigbee exists, but I have a preference for NRF. The main reason I am adding these in addition to more classing Wifi is because I want to use this on my┬ánext version model train control system + the fact that it’s handy to have around on an adapter that plugs into a Windows PC.

The ShockBurst protocol allows multiple nodes to talk directly on 125 different channels and With 6 pipes simultaneously. A 32 byte payload on packages and a data transfer up to 2Mbps makes it great.

But, keep in mind that this is a non-secure wireless communication method.

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