Rx 1.1 breakout board

It’s not been much activity lately. You can blame the summer and the mess in my garden for that. I want to wire up a few experiments. One is a motor controller based on F405 and the other is a Ethernet controller based on F107. The Rx breakout board is excellent for this as it is vero-board friendly. Looking at my earlier draft I realize that I need to add a few more leds. I want the breakout to be as generic as possible, so using pin’s for leds is a challenge because it means those pins already are used. But, I notice that PC13 and PC14 are located quite handy so I will add a led on those.

Rx Breakout


The first batch will be only 10 PCB’s, but this board will be available in several options. I will make a few assembled boards available for ca 10.- USD + P&P later, but I will also be looking into options to manufacture the boards in higher volumes.

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