Raspberry PI Hat’s

I have drafted a few Hat’s so I am adding an overview just to move content into the new blog.Zero GPIO 1_1

Zero GPIO was my first Hat. This is the new, revised version that I have not ordered yet. I am waiting to verify SPI interface before I order new Hat’s. For the Zero I actually also need to get a Zero as I don’t have one yet. Out of Stock they still are after 6 months.


I also added a full size version of the GPIO Hat with a proto-typing area.

RPI Zero Servo Hat


Another Hat in both Zero and full size version is the Servo Hat’s with 16 and 32 servo connectors. The Zero version uses the STM32F103CB which is 48 pins. The 16 x version will soon be used in a Robot project with 12 servo’s.


The Hat I am doing software on is the 5 port communication Hat. I need to verify SPI interface with RPI on this. I am using a Raspberry PI 2 for now. Progress on this work can be read through other posts.

RPI Zero Com NRF

The Zero Com Hat (above) has not been mentioned before. This 3D model is illustrative, but it show a Zero Hat with a RS485, a CAN and a 2.4Ghz NRF24L01+ port. One version of this also uses normal Wifi. The drawback with this hat is the mounting of the NRF24L01+ breakout board. I need to find a way to mount it properly as it will not handle vibration well if mounted as illustrated on this model. This model also still uses the 2.0 pitch connectors that I decided to remove so it is “work in progress”.

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