MC4X15A Motor Controller

This is a universal motor control system. It is designed for 15A stepper motors, but it comes with 4 separate H-Bridges making it very capable. It has full 3-phase motor support and can be used for solenoids, DC motors, power PWM, stepper motors or a combination of these. Equipped with a powerfully STM32 M4 and end sensors, temperature sensors, encoders, hall sensor input, current sensors and BEMF sensors it is a very compact and capable controller.

This picture only show the PCB’s. The small PCB top right is designed to go on top holding capacitors or battery solutions.

The driver side contains 4 separate H-Bridge derives designed for 15A continues current. Mounting holes for a heat sink to cover the HEXFET’s.

Showing the front we see the powerfully STM32F405RG at left with connectors for RS-X, end stops, encoder/resolver, temperature sensots and haøø sensors. Connectors at right is power and motor output’s.