ESP32 Model Train Control System

I started this blog back in 2016 by attempting on a Wireless Model Train Control System. My first attempt was a flop. As I looked into ESP32 I also realized that this was a good match for what I wanted.

A small stand-alone Wifi based Model Train Controller that easily can fit any OO/H0 Size Model Trains. Based on ESP32 this comes with loads of processing power, Wifi, Bluetooth and a classic H-Bridge that can be supplied from DC or AC tracks.

ESP32 does all the work here, so I just added a PSU, a H-Bridge and some decent size IO pins. The driver PCB hold a ESP-WROOM-32 on it’s backside with only ca 1mm extension to sides. The result is a small package that can find it’s place inside most locomotives.

I am actually not a Model Train Hobbyist myself, but this project had many technical challenges that made me interested.