Category: 60V 50A Motor Driver

Ground Plane

I did the PCB for this motor controller before I moved on to do a lot of other Hat’s and added it to a batch as I ordered PCB’s later. I obviously did not spend much time looking over the design. Looking at the capacitors I realized that ground plane was broken between capacitors and…

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Adding PCB Spacers

This shows the actual board with an extra long (11mm) PCB extender. This works fine, so I think I will just stick to this solution. I still have to test with heat-sink’s added thought.

Out of connector space

It’s fun to assemble a Hat as complicated as a 4-channel Motor Driver the first time, but you need to be prepared for a few surprices. I spaced out 4 connectors to be able to test each channel better and the intention was to add JST Micro connectors. But, as I only used 1.27 headers…

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To tall components

I am quite pleased with the 1000uF and supercap design, but they are to tall for the 8mm spacer between boards. I will have problems stacking other board on top as they risk shorting the boards. I can just about get one of the smaller super-caps, but no chance for the 1000uF capacitors. The easiest…

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Failing MCU

I have always added a minimum on components on my design and on the 60V/50A Motor Driver I have 4 PSU of which 3 is SPC3819. So assembling this I only mounted a minimum to get the MCU ticking and got a surprise – it would not tick. Soldering off MCU, putting it in tester…

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60V 50A Motor Driver

This is an awesome design allowing 60V @50A on 4 separate Half H-bridges. The design is a step up from the 30V/20A design using more powerfully MOSFET’s and adding wiring to support higher currents. It is also a Hat design, meaning I can add Hat’s to extend the controller.┬áThe pic above show my specialized motor…

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