PScript – Part 6 – Datatypes

I have decided on a set of datatypes that I want to support.

bit Bit is a 1 bit data variable. Used as a separate variable it will minimum be 8 bits, but used inside a record it get bit packed.
uint8 8 bit unsigned integer
int8 8 bit signed integer
uint16 16 bit unsigned integer
int16 16 bit signed integer
uint32 32 but unsigned integer
int32 32 bit signed integer
real32 32 bit float
real64 32 bit double
string Text string. Text strings have a dynamic size.
numeric Number with exact size/precision. Unlike reals this uses BCD to encode exact decimal numbers.
blob Binary Large Object. A binary object of dynamic size and with a few static header variables like size etc. The objective is that this is often needed and as a consequence implemented special purpose in code. I believe declaring a blob datatype will save some space.
class reserved for a possible object oriented version of PScript later.
record Record is a data structure that hold a selected address in memory. It is a collection of variables that is bit packed on that address. In this context it is designed to overlay registers creating a way for PScript to access registers directly.


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