PScript – Part 3 – Events

Using GPIO as an example I would like to be notified then an input pin change. To do this in C I use an interrupt function so I need a similar event reception in PScript. The most logical is that the framework check for events in between statements, and if one found execute an event function.

event <event-name>


Example 1:




This should be called if GPIOA, pin 1 change.

Example 2:

event ADC1[4].Threshold_High(1014)


This should be called if In4 of ADC1 goes higher than value 1014.

The second feature here is that I would like a capability simulate events from SW as well.


I need to return with a list of supported events. We can debate wherever to use On, On Event or Event, but I think “Event” will do just fine. But, the syntax and details here will be subject for changes.

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