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HMI Designer & Browser

This is an early beta of the HMI Designer. The idea is that you draw your HMI displays, save them as XML and then send them to a HMI Browser. The Browser will execute the graphics and send back user events allowing a system with no knowledge of HMI, how or what to make use…

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HMI Block Diagram

This diagram illustrate the HMI solution the way I am planning it. I would like one external RS485/UART so I can attach the display to any embedded solution. CAN, USB and SPI Backbone is mandatory. And I think SPI Half Duplex will do fine over max ca 50cm that we talk about here. SPI is…

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HMI Solution

I want to work on creating a modular HMI solution. I already have Raspberry PI with HDMI, Keyboard and Mouse interface, but I need a solution for smaller displays, specialized button’s and knobs to go on instrument type projects. The concept I like is that an embedded device can store it’s own interface and then…

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