Author: Jan

MC4X15A – Heatsink

Funny how things work out some times. I initially planned for this to be a more narrow board, but had to extend the height to 40mm due to MCU and connectors. This left space unused on top and bottom of the driver making it easy to add mounting holes for an adapter and now a…

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32 x Servo Hat

  Finally had the time to assemble a 32 x Servo Hat. Have not written any code for it yet, but always nice to see SWD answering and led’s coming up with a 10mA current on the lab psu – Things look normal. Will get down to wrapping up a servo controller and assembling a…

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3.3V Switched PSU

This little fellow have the same layout as a classic 7805 and is a 35V to 3.3V switched regulator capable of 600mA. The circuit handle 42V, but the capacitors will limit the circuit to 35V I think. I just fancied making this as a bread-/vero-board breakout. The entire circuit is 20×10 mm and occupy less…

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