XML Parser

It’s some years ago I wrote my first XML parser. The story was that I was doing a communication interface and discovered that the interface sent XML messages. In two days I wrapped up a small XML parser as a library and got the task done.The technique I used was a classic recursive descent parser.

The parser I will introduce here uses a very different technique that is much, much faster and smaller. This is a state engine parser. I was a bit bored a few years back and decided to test out the idea of a parser technique where you consider xml as a state engine with characters as events. Using a lookup table to categorize characters the technique ended up in a very fast parser in less than 300 lines of C++ code. This is closer to a SAX parser than a DOM parser and will parse a file or a communication stream byte for byte. The combination of low footprint and close to no RAM usage enable the parser for small MCU’s like Arduino.

The interface is callback functions with parser content. The parser will parse XML with a speed comparable to strlen(), but you need to parse the content. To help you get OnBeginGroup, OnParameter, OnEndGroup etc. We will be using this parser a lot due to the usability of XML.

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